Recent Digs

Check out my recent adventures in digging up digital forensic artifacts, learning cool new things, and generally nerding out about what is going on under the hoods of all those devices we have to examine.

Hunting for File Deletion Artifacts in Google File Stream Data

My current obsession is Google Drive for Desktop File Stream data. But the deleted Google Drive file artifacts are responsible for...

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Digital Forensics – How Do Images End Up in iOS Safari’s Cache.db

As digital forensic examiners, we often images in web browser caches. In our iOS mobile device extractions, we are presented...

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Open Door Policy

Nobody can know everything. And thank goodness! Our community is small but mighty in no small part because digital forensic professionals…for the most part…have open door policies. If I didn’t explain something well enough, ask me. If I got something wrong in a post or video, tell me. If you have a hunch or a theory that you don’t have time to investigate and think I might be able to help, then holler. We’re never done learning, which means we’re also never done helping and asking for help. Never hesitate to reach out!